Lawak Bodoh

Today is jane's birthday.

she is 7th years old now.
mom : u can have anything u want for ur birthday jane.
jane : i'll think about it later mom.
then jane go to lookin for her dad n she find her dad was in the shower.
jane : Daddy can I take a shower with you?
dad : nooo!
jane : but mom said i can have anything i want on my birthday
<after her dad think about it then he agree to let jane take a shower with him.
but then jane find something that she never saw before n she ask to her dad.
jane : daddy what is that? it looks like a banana.
dad : oh, that is my dolly
jane : can i play with ur dolly dad?
dad : noooo!
jane : But mom said I can have anything I want, remember
<after a long time thinking again then her dad says
dad : Well, Ok you can play with my dolly.
the next day jane n her mom visit her dad in the hospital.
her mom ask to jane
mom : what did u do to ur daddy jane?
jane : i was playing with his dolly, but the dolly shoot on me. i was so angry so i bite his dolly!!! XD

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